Project Information

Renaissance United Limited (RUL) completed the first BOT project in SE Asia, the Labuan Water Supply System in Malaysia. RUL has developed and completed an alternative Langkawi Water Supply Scheme providing significant savings to the client.

This EPC project is executed by RUL-ASAL Joint Venture, a partnership between RUL Constructors Sdn Bhd (70%) and Yayasan Amanah Saham Anak Langkawi Berhad (30%).

The scope of work includes the construction of a water intake structure; a raw water pipeline and treatment plant on the mainland; submarine pipeline for treated water; terminal storage tank on Langkawi Island; and, a booster pumping station with connecting onshore pipeline linked to the main JKR Reservoir.

Fast Track construction techniques will shorten the contract period to 18 months. When completed, the facility will provide an additional 12 million gallons per day of potable water to the island to meet projected demand.

RUL was awarded a contract by Pekah Sdn Bhd to build water supply systems in Lahad Datu and Semporna Districts in Sabah, East Malaysia on a turnkey construction basis.

RUL won the contract in an international tender in competition with major contractors. The project involved the engineering, procurement and construction of a major water treatment, storage and supply system. The scope of works include the building of facilities to extract raw water from the rivers and Dam for treatment at treatment plants. The treated water is then transmitted via pipelines to storage reservoirs at various locations for further distribution to the districts of Lahad Datu and Semporna in Sabah. The overall length of the transmission and distribution pipelines is approximately 150 km. The scope of works also included the upgrading of existing works in Kunak and Sepagaya.

The whole water supply system will produce an additional 72 MLD (million liters per day) of treated water for the population of Sabah.

The Government of Malaysia accepted RUL’s innovative and cost effective proposal to develop a privately funded water supply system as an alternative to a Government financed dam. RUL offered a complete system to treat and supply potable water from the Sabah mainland to the island of Labuan, and to own and operate the facility on a concession basis for 15 years.

The project, the first privately funded Build, Operate and Transfer water supply facility in the region, was successfully constructed by the RUL Joint Venture in 12 months, six months ahead of schedule.

RUL is an investor in the concession company, Labuan Water Supply Sdn Bhd, and operator of the system.

Brunei Shell Petroleum awarded RUL a contract to design and construct a 200,000-gallon elevated water storage tank to improve the water distribution system at Shell’s Panaga complex.

Piles were driven through sand and clay strata to support the storage tank, which was elevated 21m above the ground on a fully welded tubular steel frame structure. The tank was fabricated by welding together prefabricated steel panels on top of the tower.

The water storage tank was then fitted with manholes, nozzle connections, overflows, drains, clean-out door, level indicator and a comprehensive internal and external protective coating system.


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